Alltours4u ensures the confidentiality of the personal data of users who register as such on the website: by means of the form (s) established for these purposes. Without prejudice to its legal powers, Maya Tours will only process personal data with respect to those that have been voluntarily delivered by the users in the aforementioned form.

  • The personal data of the Users will be used for the fulfillment of the purposes indicated in the corresponding form and always within the competence and powers of Alltours4u.
  • The personal data of the Users will be subject to the following treatments: Continuity of the requested services and contact for future services, as stated before the Registry of Databases maintained by the Civil Registry and Identification Service, which may be consulted on the website itself.
  • Alltours4u may communicate to other State agencies, the personal data of its users, in accordance with the provisions set forth in Law 19.628. In case of being legally required for this purpose, it will proceed to communicate the personal data of the users that are requested.
  • Alltours4u may communicate to third parties statistical information prepared from the personal data of its users, without the express consent of the owner, when it is not possible to identify the owners individually, in accordance with the Law.

The User may at any time exercise the rights granted by Law No. 19,628 and its subsequent modifications. Specifically, you can:

  1. Request information regarding the data banks that the agency is responsible for, the legal basis of its existence, its purpose, types of stored data and description of the universe of people it comprises.
  2. Request information on the data related to his person, his origin and recipient, the purpose of storage and the individualization of the persons or organizations to which his data is transmitted regularly;Committee of Standards for the Electronic Document Model Guide of Privacy Policies (Page 10 of 10).
  3. Request that your personal data be modified when they are not correct or not updated, if applicable.
  4. Request the deletion or cancellation of the data delivered whenever you wish, as long as it is appropriate.
  5. Request, in accordance with the provisions of Law 19.628, a copy of the record altered in the relevant part, if applicable.
  6. Oppose your personal data to be used for statistical purposes• To exercise their rights, the User may contact, clearly indicating their request.
  • In case of not receiving a response to your previous communication within a period of 10 days may initiate the corresponding legal actions, which must be filed against the person responsible for the treatment indicated below:
  1. Responsible Name
  2. Position
  3. Address and postal address
  4. Email
  5. Phone
  • Regarding the collection and processing of data carried out through automated mechanisms in order to generate visitor activity records and audience records, Alltours4u may only use such information for the preparation of reports that meet the stated objectives. . In no case may you carry out operations that involve associating said information with any identified or identifiable user.
  • For the purposes of this “Privacy Policy”, the User is understood as the person that you voluntarily register at in the forms specially established for this purpose. Meanwhile, Visitor is the person who freely accesses the information available on without having to register previously.